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Antwerp Spartans is a Belgian American Football team founded in 2019. Based at Albert Einsteinlaan 50 in Antwerp, the team focuses on developing the sport at a high level in Belgium. Antwerp Spartans is strongly committed to youth development and believes that inclusiveness is a strength that contributes to the development and growth of the sport and the team.

The team provides a safe and supportive environment in which each player can develop and contribute to the team as a whole. Antwerp Spartans has produced a number of players who are now playing internationally. For example, Nour is currently playing in America and Jesse is playing in Europe's highest league GFL 1.

The motto of Antwerp Spartans is "Beat Yesterday," where every player is challenged to improve themselves every day and keep raising the bar. At Antwerp Spartans everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, body type or experience. Are you interested in American Football and want to be part of this team? Then feel free to drop by and discover what Antwerp Spartans can do for you.

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